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16.12.2021 20:00-21:00 EET (Eastern European Time)

This is One-Time event which will not repeat.

The event is absolutely free! Your friends are also welcome!


At this virtual exhibition I will present 100 photographs, which will take you to unknown and maybe familiar places.

The images will be showcased via YouTube Live Stream on the following link:

exhibition poster

I encourage you to take part in the discussion which will follow the exhibition, here: (see details below)

GIVEAWAY: All participants in the zoom meeting will also take part in a GIVEAWAY. One of you, selected randomly and absolutely live, will win a print copy of an image by it’s choice. For the selection of the winner in the Giveaway, I will be using your zoom log name. Please don’t use any special symbols or numbers. I recommend using your real name. (e.g. Milena Kancheva / Milena K)

DISCUSSION: Topics of the meeting will be related to this Virtual Exhibition, other focused on “Art vs. Content” and those which are in your interest, to discuss. To keep the discussion more organized and enjoyable for everyone, please use the time between 20:00 and 20:15 EET to leave a question or bring up a topic which you would like to be discussed, by writing it in the zoom chat. The discussion will be in English. Please have in mind that you will not be able to enter the zoom meeting after 20:15 EET, so please make sure you join earlier. Speaking and/or showing yourself is not mandatory. You can just listen, but it would be nice to make this event a bit more social. The zoom meeting will be recorded and later on published on my Patreon page, together with the YT live stream video recording.

During the first 3 months after this event, only Official Patrons will have access to the live stream video recording, zoom meeting recording and a gallery on my website with all images from the series “Room of Doors”. The Official Patrons will also be able to advance from special benefits. You are welcome to join me on Patreon: Support the artists you like!

PROGRAM: 20:00 - Please enter the zoom meeting. Leave your question or drop a topic. Open the link to the YouTube live stream. Please keep your camera off and you mic muted until the start of the meeting (20:35) 20:15 - Start of the exhibition via YT live stream 20:30 - Selection of the winner in the Giveaway - can be watched via the YT live stream. End of the live stream. 20:35 - Start of the zoom discussion with participants 21:00 - End

Zoom meeting details:

Topic: VIRTUAL EXHIBITION - ROOM OF DOORS Time: Dec 16, 2021 08:00 PM Sofia Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 812 3718 8690 Passcode: JW2ET2

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me in my creative journey!


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