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Photography collection "Umbra I" was composed by three main series - NYX I, NYX II and FRAGMENTS,

including AVIS series and a selections of dark mystic scenes, presented in OBTENEBRO

The collection was showcased on the following exhibitions across Bulgaria and Switzerland, in the period 2017 - 2020.

13 Mar. – 27 Aug. 2020 – presented at Gallery SABAI, Sofia, Bulgaria
17 – 31 Jan. 2019 – presented at Cinema House, Sofia, Bulgaria
23 – 27 Oct. 2017 – presented at SWU, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria  
17 Mar. – 14 Apr. 2018 – presented at Hirscheneck, Basel, Switzerland
​09 – 30 Nov. 2017 – presented at L’UNIQUE, Basel, Switzerland

The technology used for the prints is direct di-bond printing with UV resistant inks. This technology give a bit more specific look of the black & white images. White parts are not covered with ink, so the aluminum surface can be seen, reflecting the light from the environment and contributing with additional glow to the mate image.


The images are printed on 2mm alu-dibond surface, including 2x hanging tabs and 2x distance blocks on the back. The sizes of the images are 50x50 cm and 50x75 cm.