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Can you feel that strong desire coming from inside? So fascinating and suffocating.

Will the wounds heal by themselves? Or will love turn into ire?

Hands, leaving trails—I still see. Words, bending my mind, echoing grief. And still, I carry a spark within me.

I miss life. But did I truly live? I know you need me, just tell me, what to believe?

Being so fragile, being so weak… Day after day, time will peel, and I will slowly break into pieces. Now, how does it feel?

See the series here: ALTÆR

I made this photo series exactly 3 years ago and I would like to share more about it in my Patreon account.

When I have an idea of a photo shooting with a particular person, the idea is never absolutely completed. It takes time to find the missing piece. And this piece, I could name “Connection”.

This is the reason why I can't just throw all the 50K+ photos from my hard drive to social media. I don't see myself as a "content creator", I see myself more as a storyteller. I hope this can be appreciated by the people who support me through Patreon and in any other way. Through the years I found my way of sharing stories to the world. I believe that my messages reach everyone in a certain way, even being in that abstract form. Art is not to be understood - art is to be felt. So open yourself to just feel.

Patreon is a paid platform which I use to share information and stories related to my art. To access the content you have to create an account and subscribe to one of the three available membership tiers The financial support which I receive through this platform is invested in the development of my artistic presence.

Currently, the support goes for covering subscriptions of other platforms I use to present my art - such as my website -

My goal is to be able to invest more in creating prints of my photographs and upgrade the photo/video equipment I use and need.

If you like my art and see a value in my artistic projects feel welcome to support me through PATREON.

As a thank you for your support, You will be able to benefit from discounts, receive gifts and be mentioned as an important contributor in the realization of a project or reaching any of my artistic goals.

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